Bike wheel with a broken spoke

Can you ride a bike with a broken spoke?

It’s only a matter of time until a spoke will break while riding out and about. There’s no way around it. Now comes the question of whether you can ride a bike with a broken spoke.

You can continue riding home without any concerns. Having a broken spoke will not make any lasting damage to your rim for that short period that takes you to go home or to a bike shop. Be sure to secure the broken spoke by curling it to another spoke for you to not hurt yourself.

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Used bike tire size indicator

When to replace a bike tire

Bike tires are the only grip your bike has with the ground. There will come a time when replacing them becomes inevitable.

Replacing a bike tire could arise after you passed a certain mileage threshold or by damage appearing on your tires. The most common sign that your bike tires should be replaced is a sudden streak of flat tires.

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